ExpressionEngine servers down??

June 06, 2017 5:27am

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  • #1 / Jun 06, 2017 5:27am

    Senad Milavic

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    Is anyone else experiencing issues with their expressionengine today? My EE installation got unregistered by itself, saying that licence key is invalid and I should upload new licence key from my purchase page. After numerous attempts to open EE website (and lots of error messages about website servers not responding), I finally got in and downloaded new licence key, but EE installation doesn’t accept it, saying it doesn’t have correct signature. But it’s downloaded from EE website from my purchase page!?

  • #2 / Jun 07, 2017 10:15am

    Robin Sowell's avatar

    Robin Sowell

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    We haven’t seen other reports of it- and it’s really odd if it was fine and ‘unregistered’. That just shouldn’t happen.

    But it looks like it’s resolved itself per the bug report and I’ll leave it to Seth to get to the bottom of it in bugs.

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