ExpressionEngine CMS empowers your content. Our signature Channel Manager puts you in the driver's seat. ExpressionEngine doesn't force pre-defined data structures, or rigid workflows. With ExpressionEngine it's your content, your way!

Whether your content is modest or complex, ExpressionEngine's robust tool set will help you work smarter, not harder. ExpressionEngine adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.

Spend more of your time creating, not managing!



ExpressionEngine CMS sparks creativity. Channels are super flexible containers that enable smart data storage. In ExpressionEngine Channels let you focus on creating content, instead of defining storage.

ExpressionEngine's powerful and intuitive template language enables you to display your dynamite content in a way that makes it come alive, and will have your visitors saying wow!

Real Time


ExpressionEngine CMS is magical. Our powerful and fluid Live Preview shows your content as you type, displayed in your site's design. No guesswork. No reloading pages. Just create and watch the magic unfold.

Live Preview is one of many incredible features in ExpressionEngine that lets you focus on your content and get fast, efficient results.

No more guessing, see your content as your visitors will.


ExpressionEngine CMS is a fortress. Security is our top priority. Since its inception ExpressionEngine has never had a serious security issue; In 15 years, not one.

We work very hard to make sure ExpressionEngine is the most secure CMS on the planet.



ExpressionEngine CMS is a vault. Your data is yours, you decide how and when to share it.

We work with security professionals to ensure that your content and personal data is as safe, as it is important.

What about

GDPR Privacy and Consent?

We believe privacy and security are the most important features of ExpressionEngine CMS. This core value led to including compliance with, and helping customers adhere to GDPR regulations.

ExpressionEngine makes gaining visitor consent super simple!


Site Management

ExpressionEngine CMS can power all your sites. From a single ExpressionEngine installation you can manage the content for all your websites. Site Management also makes it super easy to share content and design across multiple sites.

ExpressionEngine empowers you to get more done in less time.

Manage all your sites with one login!


ExpressionEngine CMS has no secrets. As a free Open Source product, ExpressionEngine benefits from a thriving ecosystem of expert developers, designers, and IT professionals.

Being free means it costs less to build with ExpressionEngine, and Open Source means you control your code.



ExpressionEngine CMS encourages expansion. Built from the ground-up to be easily enhanced. No matter what you need to accomplish, with our thriving and talented third party developer community you'll have peace of mind, that a solution exists.


Mobile Friendly

ExpressionEngine CMS works everywhere. Built from the ground-up with mobile use in mind, ExpressionEngine CMS works just as quick and easily on your favorite device.

On the couch, at the beach, or your desk ExpressionEngine is ready.

ExpressionEngine on the go is better than chocolate!


Rocket Power

ExpressionEngine CMS is fast! Built with standards and caching technology, ExpressionEngine won’t slow you down, or force your visitors to wait for your content.

ExpressionEngine is the world’s fastest Open Source CMS.


One Click Updates

ExpressionEngine CMS saves you time. Updating a CMS shouldn't be a chore. Uploading files, changing configurations, and crossing your fingers. With ExpressionEngine a site update is one click, and seconds away. Yes, seriously.

The update will finish before you grab your morning coffee. Sorry, not sorry.

ExpressionEngine updates in the blink of eye.

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