ExpressionEngine Support

We do the lifting so you don't have to.

Time is Your Enemy

Your website demands time you don't have, especially when problems arise. Don't sacrifice your time from things that help grow your business. There's a better way.

We're Your Secret Weapon

Keep us in your back pocket and let your productivity soar!

ExpressionEngine Support

World Class, Fast Response

We built it, you love it! But sometimes you just need some guidance. Help with a template, how to make a Channel, best practices advice and more. Let the team that built ExpressionEngine be your back up plan.

Site Maintenance

We'll maintain your site

You're busy, but your website still needs attention. That's where we come in. We'll keep your software up to date and help you update your content. Need an image removed, or added? We've got it. Need to tweak the navigation? No problem, no job too small!

Bug fixes

Found a bug? We'll fix it.

Bugs happen. It's a fact of software development. But they don't have to ruin your day. With ExpressionEngine Support we'll take a look at your bugs, and evict them. Consider us a very efficient pest repellent.

It's Not My Fault!

Beyond the App

Server, hosting, database problems, add-ons misbehaving. We didn't build them, but we can help you anyway! Our expertise can help you solve these complex external problems in no time.

Support Plans
Emerald Support Freelancers & Owner-Operators
$199/mo Save 20% when paid annually
Response Time
Fast: 1 business day
Sapphire Support Small Teams / Busy Sites
$499/mo Save 20% when paid annually
Response Time
Faster: 4 hours
Diamond Support Agencies / IT Teams
$1999/mo Save 20% when paid annually
  • Every ticket is urgent!
  • Unlimited Support
  • Extended Business Hours
  • Weekend Response
  • 1 FREE Full Site Audit
  • 30% off Services
Response Time
Fastest: 1 hour
Your Support Team

Direct, fast, unlimited support from the same team that builds your Favorite CMS.

All your projects, Unlimited Help.

Whether you're a freelancer working on a variety of projects or a web designer on a corporate in-house team, you're covered. And since you're not limited to the number of support requests you can make, you don't ever have to worry about running out.

World Class Support

Expert technical support for web professionals from the very people who make the software. Whether you're stuck or just need advice, ExpressionEngine Support can save the day, month, and year.

We're experts

From the frontend to the backend, we're experts in not only ExpressionEngine, but all things web. We can offer guidance, advice, and direct support on anything that might be putting a damper on your Monday.

We focus on the details

Let us sweat the details, so you can run your business. We've been building and supporting ExpressionEngine for 14 years. And our team has a combined total of 70 years of practice with the web and building for it.

Folks Love Us!
95% Overall Customer Satisfaction

Our support team has 95% satisfaction rating from our customers. We go out of our way to make sure each and every customer feels heard, and gets a solution to their problem. We're not perfect, but we never stop trying.

I must admit, no other software developer/vendor has ever replied so quickly and thoroughly to issues than your team. I have another vendor who legit takes 1 week to get a simple reply that very rarely answers the question or resolves it.

It's refreshing. Thank you.

Marty Foy - Support Customer
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