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Greater flexibility in the layout of the backend

February 16, 2019 9:35am

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  • #1 / Feb 16, 2019 9:35am

    With the exception of the native Menu Sets, we have hardly any possibilities to adapt the backend for the end customer. For example, a possibility to customize your own “modules” for CP Home would help a lot - similar to the widget in Wordpress.

    I know Wordpress is hell. But if, for example, you land on CP Home after logging in and…

    • could change the order of entries (Low Reorder)
    • activate or deactivate entries of a specific channel
    • could activate or deactivate members
    • write text hints for the end customer to help with the operation of EE

    We can see from the feedback from our clients that many wish for such a function. I know that this would be a very complex function that requires a lot of planning, especially with an API for third-party plug-ins, but it would certainly be helpful to be able to bring certain, website-specific functions or fields further forward from the depths of the channels and entries – as an extension of the menu sets, so to speak.

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