Wiki upgrade throwing unregistered service message

July 10, 2018 7:57pm

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    I have an EE2.9.2 install with the Wiki module working fine. After upgrading to EE3.5.16, and upgrading the Wiki module to 4.0.0 (pulled from github) I’m getting this error:

    Dependency Injection: Unregistered service "ee:Variables/Parser"

    The stack trace tells me the offending line is But that call is used all over the place in the wiki mod file.

    Is the method of accessing this dependency (ee('Variables/Parse...')) not supported in EE3, and only 4? I have many other 3/4 compatible popular add-ons (Solspace stuff, Low stuff, EE Harbor stuff) and I can’t find any reference in any of them to this method, only in the wiki add-on files.

    Thank you!

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    Derek Jones

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    Hey jonleecraw, yes, version 4.0.0 of the Wiki module is only compatible with ExpressionEngine 4. If for some reason you cannot upgrade to ExpressionEngine 4, you can use the older version of the Wiki module found in the 3.x branch on GitHub.

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    Thank you Derek! Perfect.

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