Native webservices for expressioneigne!

June 10, 2018 12:47am

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    Hello everyone. The world is moving so fast, Good CMS and CMF are supporting web-services to Create REST API endpoints. we are moving forward to support mobile apps and other services. Our lovely EE has only one commercial addon to do this. This makes our choices so limited.

    lately, I felt lost and Lost hope to have reliable strong addon supporting this goal in EE.

    Because of bad and week SUPPORT, I convinced this kind of addon can’t be run individually; Developing and covering A large number of clients Questions and supports.

    In addition to that, Our arm has been twisted with a term like:

    Technical Support Technical support is available primarily through the support email address support@***** and at ********.nl/support. *****.nl does not provide direct phone support. (((No representations or guarantees are made regarding the response time in which support questions are answered.)))

    I think REST API should be a Native Module and supported by EllisLab like safe Cracker (Channel form), Or professional paid Addon like (ExpressoStore, CartThrob, Freeform Lite, Freeform Pro) supported and recommended by you EllisLab.

    In fact, I am very frustrated Because I have only one option with no active SUPPORT with BAD poor documentation. While I am using EE as a backend for all of my Apps. This makes Re-consider using EE as a backend for my project, While I and my clients are in love with EE.

    Any Support, opinions or HELP.

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    +1 on this from me. I’d love to be able to use EE as my backend for mobile and web apps. I’ve used EE in the past as a backend with custom coding but would be great to have some easy to get up and running hooks.

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    Would love this too!

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    Derek Jones

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    As I posted here:

    What types of endpoints are you creating that requires the use of an add-on? ExpressionEngine lets you control its output 100%, so you should be able to make your own endpoints with the native features. In fact, this is one of the reasons ExpressionEngine was built this way, to separate content from presentation.
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    @Derek Jones I hope you read the post well, just adding any comment is not what we waited for. Unfortunately, This is disappointing, it’s been more than 3 months since I added this, to get this frustrated response by the “Chief Executive Officer”. Did you even read? I think I mentioned “REST API”!

    Your add-on “metaweblog_api” has really limited support for everything, in my post, I Believe I was clear enough that it is not just an endpoint or how to create just an endpoint with EE, I wished for Full REST API web services add-on. You will be generous just CUD (Create Update Delete) for Entries, users with token, login and Auth.   If you do not know what is EE web-service is you can visit “”

    Honestly, I gave up, I think EE is moving very slow and not following duly, the administration not listening to us.

    Listen to us at least, I have spent more than 8 years with EE but I think it is time for a modern alternative.

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    Derek Jones

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    Sorry you think I’m not listening. I think we’re just talking about two different things. Building a REST API for your own content with ExpressionEngine as the content source (what I was talking about) and delivery mechanism vs. adding REST endpoints into ExpressionEngine for its own native features (what it sounds like you are talking about). That wasn’t clear from your original post. We’re not currently interested in building the latter, as there’s not a lot of upside for the majority of our users. I’m sorry if that doesn’t fit the direction you are hoping the product will go, but we are focusing our efforts on features and capabilities that serve the majority of our users’ needs.

    If we’re still not on the same page, feel free to elaborate, or email us directly at, or join our Slack community which includes most prominent add-on developers in our community.

    As far as support, I don’t see a ticket in our system from you since March of 2016; please let me know if we missed any communication from you, because delivering high quality and speedy support is a priority for us.

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    Oh, Thank god, fast response to a Forums topic.

    I apologize if I am not clear enough, I think both two supportive replies did not understand me well then 😊.

    Anyways “We’re not currently interested in building the latter” is the answers I waited for 3+ months Thank you for clearing your reasons and explain them.

    in fact, I have emailed you and always I got support and replies.

    Regarding support tickets, I have good experience with using ExpressionEngine and happy with your support when needed, in previous tickets I found it hard to make EE as a backend for my mobile applications even with your help.

    As you said it doesn’t fit the direction I am hoping the product will go, Just a great CMS.

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