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June 07, 2018 10:32am

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    I am interested in a training course to understand and use EE4, I have very little EE experience and the manual is not user friendly.

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    One of the biggest disadvantages of ExpressionEngine, the lack of adequate learning resources. But the Good documentation is one of the best well-organized resources to learn.

    see this online course It will cover most of your needs to start using EE , it is for EE 3

    hope this helps

  • #3 / Jun 12, 2018 1:04am

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    Derek Jones

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    Hey Kelcapp, would love to know where you are stuck, where the documentation failed you. We’d love to improve our educational and getting started documentation for folks so it takes them less time to hit the ground running. ExpressionEngine can be a game changer in your development, and we want you to be able to see how it can help you and your web sites right away!

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    Derek Jones, the user manual lacks detail with video and pictures. It assumes you are a programmer which doesn’t help someone who doesn’t know this type of platform.

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    Derek Jones

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    Thanks for the feedback, Kelcapp! In the meantime if you haven’t already, check out our friendly community in Slack where you can ask and get some practical advice from real-world experts. EECMS Slack

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    Definitely, I would love to see more education and training material. Their blog does not even post tutorials anymore like they did in the past. The documentation is ok because its goes straight to the point but it surely does not explain anyone new to EE on how to get started or build basic things. I can understand how frustrating it must be for someone buying EE4 and not finding any tutorial, book or anything related to EE 4 online. Most material is made for older versions.

    Ellis Lab should maybe slow down major releases or invest more in creating the platform and ecosystem.

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    I agree ExpressionEngine lacks adequate learning resources, beyond the basic user guide. Far behind Craft.

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