Uninstalling module fires FT `settings_modify_column`

December 01, 2017 1:48pm

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    When uninstalling an add-on, the EE uninstaller fires the uninstall() method in the add-on’s UPD file first and then uninstalls the add-on’s fieldtype which fires the settings_modify_column method.

    The settings_modify_column method has code that if the $data['ee_action'] == 'delete', it removes data from the add-on’s custom tables but because the add-on has already been uninstalled, the custom tables no longer exist and the uninstall dies out with a “Base table or view not found” error.

    I’ve temporarily rectified this by wrapping the delete code in the settings_modify_column with a conditional to check if our custom table exists but in order to do this, I also have to wipe out the DB cache of table names because it hasn’t been updated since the module was uninstalled:

    else if ($data['ee_action'] == 'delete')
        // Clear the DB table name cache.
        if(isset(ee()->db->data_cache['table_names'])) unset(ee()->db->data_cache['table_names']);
        if(ee()->db->table_exists('assets_selections')) {
            // delete any asset associations created by this field
            ee()->db->where('field_id', $data['field_id'])

    So that means that every time the settings_modify_column is called with a delete action, I’m wiping out the EE DB table cache and checking if my table exists (which feels sloppy).

    Here is a screenshot of the stacktrace

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