What is the best field type for content writers?

December 01, 2017 12:18pm

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    In your opinion, what is the best fieldtype for creating and maintaining large blocks of text/image content. We want to draw maximum focus on the content window in the back end, and also allow the writer the best tools to create content easily.

    The RTE editor is fine for smaller data. Wygwam is OK, but adding images or other inline media is a little clunky - so I was wondering what the options are? Is there a field type to beat all fieldtypes? Are you combining wygwam style content entries with ‘bloq’ level controls for galleries and media inserts? Or are you taking another approach.

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    Liam Crean

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    Answered in the Slack group.

    Combination of Bloqs (with Ansel for galleries/images), video embeds, and Wygwam advanced settings enables me to create the right entry page for content writers.

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    This will no doubt have changed to ‘fluid’ now, thanks to EE4 arriving! 😉

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