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November 24, 2017 7:37am

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    For Grid there is an event when an element is shown display and in Fluid we got add. For Fluid the add is fired when you add a new event and for Grid the display event is fired when the field got displayed (can be a new one or existing). For Fluid i miss a event when exisisting elements are displayed on the page.

    Is it possible to add a display like event for Fluid? This way we can check when we need to init JS functions to an element and we can keep the code in just one place.

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    We talked about adding a display event for Fluid fields but quickly realized they aren’t displayed like Grid. When the publish form renders a Fluid field it goes through all its existing fields and asks each one to render itself then compiles those results as its render. So, all the displaying is happening in PHP and not JS, so a display event would be equivalent to a document ready event. What we noticed in our testing was that fields that rendered fine outside of a Fluid field also rendered fine within one, and didn’t need additional JS events for initialization. Can you tell me what you are looking to do on display while inside a Fluid field?

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