Get URL for file from CP (EE3)

August 08, 2017 8:45pm

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    Angie Herrera

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    In EE2, files had links that either opened up a modal with a preview, or opened the file some other way. Whatever the case, you could grab the full URL of the file. Screenshot:

    In EE3, that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. Is there a way to get a file’s URL from the CP?

    It’s a bit of a strange question but it’s something a client is asking about and I need to give them an answer soon.


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    James Mathias

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    The URL of a file in the file manager is always going to be the Upload directory value + file name. So if they know the Upload directory value, and the file name, they can get the URL of that file for the frontend. In the CP for version 3, you can preview an image file by clicking the eye icon in the manage column. Non image files can’t be previewed in the CP.

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