EE 3.5 admin panel hangs?

August 08, 2017 2:48pm

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    Hey folks,

    We’re in the process of updating to EE3 and as part of this set up a clean EE install to put our plugins in as we update them for EE3.

    Earlier today everything was working fine, then we worked on some other stuff and now coming back the admin panel is hanging. There’s no PHP process going berserk, no MySQL query hanging, and even with all our plugins disabled we never get anything back. There’s nothing in the PHP error log either.

    Anybody have any ideas? Is there a way to tell EE to start outputting debug info without being able to get into the admin panel to turn it on?


    Some more details: we can bring up the login page, and after logging in we can bring up other pages but the main home page of the admin portal times out with no PHP error, no locked up MySQL query or anything.


  • #2 / Aug 09, 2017 7:18am


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    It’s working again this morning. Guessing maybe the ExpressionEngine News widget is to blame?

  • #3 / Aug 09, 2017 8:03am

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    James Mathias

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    AFAIK the ExpressionEngine news widget can’t hang the CP as it’s built to bail out after x attempts to connect in order to not hang the CP.

    Is It possible that you have another add on that could cause some slowdown?

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    Hi James,

    We have no other addons installed, so nope.

    I think our cURL timeout time might be longer than the nginx CGI timeout time (or at least the cURL timeout times number of attempts is longer), and that’s why the news widget is causing the home page to time out.

    I’d just as soon turn the widget off entirely but apparently that’s not an option for Super Admins. How annoying. 😛

    Thanks for the response!

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