Windows 7, IE 11 and Database connection

July 10, 2017 9:01pm

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    EE 2.11.9 | PHP 5.4.45

    We are receiving the following well-known error only when trying to load the site homepage and only in this very specific environment: Windows7 and IE11

    Site Error: Unable to Load Site Preferences; No Preferences Found

    Disabling .htaccess ( we’re hiding index.php using this block ) and loading works fine. works fine.

    All other browsers and operating systems work fine.

    What else can we be looking for? What might be causing this to happen?

    We would gladly provide credentials to a qualified expert to help us out of this hell-hole of a problem.

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    First thing, if you’re using shared hosting the .htaccess file method is fine (only because it is the only game in town to do what you want in that setup). If this is your box (i.e. you can ssh in and control apache yourself directly) you should NEVER use .htaccess files (turn them OFF) - instead make them direct apache statements in your virtual hosting config file.

    Your problem is most likely in your apache config(s) or .htaccess file. If it is really true you ONLY get that response in that specific environment my guess would be some kind of user agent filtering somehwere.

    To troublehoot first just remove the .htaccess file completly and see if the “default” way works (i.e.: mydoman/index.php), if it does the .htaccess file is your issue - post it here (remove any personal data from it) so we can look at it.

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