Channel layouts when several channels share the same field group, and ordering of fields

July 07, 2017 11:29am

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    Two similar FR’s here.

    Typical scenario is when you use channels to split content by type, but they all share the same publishing fields.

    1. Sometimes you need to add a field that only applies to one of the channels. Easy to add the field, and edit the layout to place the field field in the order you want.

    However, this becomes a right royal pain when you have several channels because you then have to re-edit each channel layout, hiding the field from where it’s not needed, and reordering in the one it is needed.

    Feature request #1 - when a new field is added to a channel that has a layout, disable that field by default in the layout. This means it’s a lot less laborious to enable.

    1. Reordering fields in layouts

    Again with the scenario using same field group for several channels. Adding a new field and manually adjusting the display order across multiple layouts it incredibly laborious.

    Feature request #2 - reinstate the default Field order number value for each custom field. This order value is then used as the default for any layouts that are created.

  • #2 / Jul 26, 2017 10:29am

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    I’d certainly second Rob on his second request, for bringing back (at least the option for) field order numbers. I used to group fields using this so I could easily move things around. Also my plan was to save a channel set that contains a bunch of SEO based meta fields with a high value range of field order numbers, this would allow for easy inclusion on new channels of standard fields that we use in multiple locations.

    My gut feeling on the first, although I totally see the value myself, is that others that aren’t too familiar with the use of layouts may wonder why that shiny new field they’ve just created isn’t showing anywhere on the edit page?

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