Grid Field in a Channel Form

March 21, 2017 10:46am

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    I’m trying to create a channel form with a grid field that contains a text field and 3 relationship fields. I’m using a tag pair for the grid field, but if there’s anything in the tag pair, I get a PHP error:

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type EllisLab\ExpressionEngine\Model\Channel\ChannelEntry as array in …ee/legacy/libraries/Grid_parser.php on line 144

    I get the error even if there’s a carriage return in the tag pair. Test code is below. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    {exp:channel:form channel="summer_registration" id="camp_form" class="standard"}
    <label>Email:</label>{field:email_address}   <!-- this works -->
    <label>Student Name:</label>
    {summer_camps}{summer_camps:student_name}{/summer_camps} <!-- anything inside this tag throws error -->
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    I’m having the exact same problem – did you ever manage to identify a fix?

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    No, I did not. I posted on a couple of forums and had no response.

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