Is there a 2.11.6 version of Core?

February 22, 2017 11:03am

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    I have a number of sites running 2.5.2 through to 2.10.1 and I feel I should update them to cover the security issues fixed up to 2.11.6. I have several full licenses for EE2 & 3 so I can get a full version of 2.11.6 but I know that there were some differences in the Core version.

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    I would welcome a core version of 2.11.6 as I have been unable to upgrade from 2.9 to 3.5.2, both core versions. EE is looking into this, but so far no solution is available.

    Have you tried upgrading to core 3.5?

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    Derek Jones

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    Hi Fred, why are you unable to to upgrade your 2.9 Core to v3? Paul, our recommendation for folks on v2 Core is to upgrade to v3 Core. Is that not possible for you? If not, why?

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    hi Derek

    I have no idea. I have had numerous communications with Robin Sowell, but so far this has not led to anything. When I follow the upgrade procedure rigorously, I get a start upgrade screen with the green button, start. After that a blank screen results, without any error messages. At least in Firefox. With Chrome I get a 500 error.

    Robin had noticed there results an error that the template_router folder is missing. That is true for the core version, but apparently there is a conditional IS_CORE that should check that.

    I checked the upgrade at a different domain (also from 2.9.2 to 3.5.2) with the same result.

    I tried with an empty add-ons folder, with no effect. The user/config folder only has the config.php and database.php files from the 2.9 installation. I made a test folder( which now has the 3.5.2 installation files, with correct config data. Robin has the ftp access data.

    I would really appreciate a solution as I maintain a few hobby sites that won’t appreciate the expense of the full version.

    I just got an email from Robin Sowell. Could you contact him to avoid duplicate work?

    Regards Fred

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    Derek Jones

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    Ah my mistake I didn’t realize you were working with Robin in support. I’ll let her handle it, thanks! 😊

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    My problem is that these are orienteering club websites with a very small or no budget to pay for the time it would take me to move them to EE3. They have addons that have not been ported or may involve new license fees and they have lots of custom fields that I suspect will make the upgrade path difficult. I think I’m already going to have some issues due to changes in things like relationships, that the earlier sites will need templates rewritten. I feel responsible enough that I should try and cover any security risks they may be open to but I need to keep my time involvement to the minimum.

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    Derek Jones

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    They have addons that have not been ported or may involve new license fees

    You are using commercial add-ons on a free ExpressionEngine license? Something isn’t right with that picture…

    I think I’m already going to have some issues due to changes in things like relationships, that the earlier sites will need templates rewritten.

    v3 doesn’t require any templating changes, unless you are having to refactor some of the add-ons out, but that shouldn’t affect relationships, for what it’s worth.

    Can you drop us an email at re: the security issues? Thanks!

  • #8 / Feb 24, 2017 6:31am

    2.6 changed the way relationships worked, so the 2 sites on 2.5.2 will need some work before upgrade is possible.

    When I started using EE 2 Core the license allowed for the use on non-profit sites as long as you displayed “Powered by ExpressionEngine”. But there were certain addons that were essential for what I needed to do and to improve the user experience, like Matrix, WYGWAM, Assets, Geotagger, CE-Image, CE-Tweet and Date Field Filter Plus a few free addons like TitleMaster, Low Seg2Cat, MX cloner, Switchee and more.

    I do also have a number of these club sites on fully paid licences and I even paid to upgrade some of them to EE3, but the long delays in porting 3rd party addons and problems with EE3 for a long time meant I lost the will to go down the upgrade path.

    The new license terms mean I can’t use Core 3, so it will cost $300, with current exchange rates that’s £240, plus the cost of new addon licences.

    I was looking for the easiest route to ensure that these sites weren’t at risk from any security issues, but it looks like the easiest/cheapest option will be to rebuild them from scratch with Craft.

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    Derek Jones

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    Understood, Paul. Switching platforms is certainly your prerogative, but I definitely do not think it’s fair to compare the latest version of any CMS with a four year old version of ExpressionEngine. Had those sites been kept up to date, I’d wager you wouldn’t have a challenge moving to v3 and dropping most of those add-ons, or replacing them with better open-source ones. In any case, I appreciate your business and interactions over the years. If memory serves, we both met in these forums as customers on ExpressionEngine 1, if not pMachine Pro. 😉

    FWIW, for v3 for non-profits, we match any discount a web professional is giving the client, so if you’re doing this work 1/2 off, the license would be $150; pro-bono, the license would be gratis. Let me know, and again I can take care of getting you a newer version regardless of your decision so you can keep the site secure if you drop me an email at Thank you!

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