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October 09, 2016 8:57pm

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    @all I’ve heard many mentions of the desire to see more sample code. This is also something that I’ve wished for more of as well, especially when it comes to developing custom plugins for my clients. In conjunction with this, there seems to not be as many people as there used to be giving code examples and code help here on the forum. I’ve only been in the community for a little over a year, so I don’t know what the “good ole days” looked like and am just going off of conversations and messages on the forum.

    I’m not 100% sure, but part of this may be due to the 100 different ways to the same thing in EE. I’d be more apt to share code and help out, if I felt I was doing it the right way in the first place. Otherwise I’d hate to give bad advice.

    What I’m thinking of that might help with both of these is a medium that would allow us to submit code for review or help by others. The idea being that you could submit your situation (i.e. a membership site that needs permission based pages and menus) along with your template code or plan for how to attack it to the community. The community could then give feedback on how they would approach it, or specifically talk about the good and bad of how you approached the problem. I’m also thinking there may eventually be the opportunity to request a private review from people who are known to be experts in the community. At first I wouldn’t think there’d be any fees involved, but if it’s required to get “experts” then may explore that idea.

    I think this could help with a few areas: – give confidence to those of us who are still learning, encouraging us to build bigger and better things

    – an archive of real world examples that can be used by others to learn EE

    – along with the above, I think we could organize and tag examples as a library (more than just search the forums)

    – EllisLab could use examples from the site for their EE documentation.

    – examples for others to see what EE can do. (i.e. integration with CRMs, SSO, etc)

    – empower each other. I think the more we build amazing sites in EE, the more people will want to be a part of the community and grow EE.

    Let me know below if this is something you’d be interested in. If you’d be willing to help design/build, thoughts, opinions, etc. You can comment here or catch me on slack (@dwg-andy).

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    100% agree with this, although not sure if you’re seeing this as part of ellislab forums or as a third party site? An improved forum with better capabilities on code markup and some sort of question rating system might help?

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    100% agree with this, although not sure if you’re seeing this as part of ellislab forums or as a third party site? An improved forum with better capabilities on code markup and some sort of question rating system might help?

    I was up for either. A separate site would mean we could scale as needed, add new capabilities, etc while not giving the EE crew another thing to wrangle and maintain. However I like trying to have one central location we always come back to (that being the forums here). I think if we did something like this, at least at first, I would try to reference back to these forums as much as possible if not even encourage public conversation to happen here rather than on the site. I’ll have to think about it some more.
    Honestly, right now at a whopping 11 votes, trying to decide how much effort I want to put into it.

    Current thought might be to come up with some system where we can post code for public view and have a room here on the forum to discuss. Obviously posting hundreds of lines of code in multiple files isn’t suited for a fourm, so something like posting to codepen or something like that, where a user could easily link to their workspace of files. At the same time, I’d like for it to all go under one place so that we can easily find references, etc rather than having tons of individual links. If that works out, then we can evaluate something more along the line lines of self-contained system.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts on execution. Again, I know we all want the forums to be the central place, but I don’t want to place more work for the EE team to manage.

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    Hi Andy,

    A number of years ago there used to be a site called EE Snippets that acted like a cookbook of sorts

    Also there was this by Andrew (datagrab etc)

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    Ah. I knew I wasn’t original. Those look like they are on the right track. I’ll try to contact the guys that run those and see what the scoop is.

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    Just an FYI to any one interested, looks like the EE team is going to work toward something in this direction on the new site: . Be sure to sign up!

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