Next Stop, 4.2

by: James Mathias on: 4/16/2018

Welcome to 4.2

If ExpressionEngine 2 was a freight train, ExpressionEngine 4 is a bullet train. We’re moving faster than ever before, streamlining, and improving the software with every new release.

Speaking of new releases…

Editing 2.0.

In our last release we re-introduced an improved bulk editing feature. Today we take that one step further.

Starting in ExpressionEngine 4.2 you can select multiple entries, and edit them individually, in order within a single UI. Gone are the days of opening entries in new windows/tabs to make precision edits.

Along with Bulk Edit, this new feature makes editing your content in ExpressionEngine more efficient and smoother than ever before!

Precision Editing

Fluid meta variables

We introduced Fluid in version 4.0. This brand new field type puts the power of content layout into your client’s hands, without needing a degree in Computer Science.

Today we expand this terrific new field, bringing Fluid meta variables to the fray.

With Fluid meta variables you can get all conditional up in the templates, increasing the parsing power of Fluid ten-fold!

    <div {if fluid_content:first}class="well"{/if}>

            {if {fluid_content:first name="text"}}
                <div class="lead">{content}</div>


Now you can separate the first item from the rest, and so much more! Check out the documentation for Fluid meta variables.

Variable Dates

Typically when we refer to time it’s relative to our present. We say Tomorrow, Yesterday, Next Week. Starting today, you can have ExpressionEngine be a little more conversational in its date output.

For instance if we wanted to know how much time is left until EE CONF 2018 we could write

EE CONF 2018 starts {variable_time:relative date='2018-10-25' units='days'}.

Which would output “EE CONF 2018 starts in 191 days.”

ExpressionEngine 4.2 can even output specific dates from relative input.

{variable_time date="2 days ago" format="%F %d, %Y"}

Outputs “April 09, 2018”

Neat! And there’s a ton of applications for variable dates.

What else is there?

Along with the major improvements above, we bring a gaggle of security, stability and UI fixes to ExpressionEngine. These changes include smoother upgrade checks; an easier way to see what’s selected in the Drop Down UI; and better system notifications.

Oh, and you can now create new relationship entries right from the Publish Form, no big deal.

Inline Relationship Creation

ExpressionEngine 4.2 brings a load of improvements, enhancements, and fun to building projects for yourself and your clients. Want to get all that good stuff? It’s just a click away!

Next Stop? Stay tuned!

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