EE Conf 2018 Workshops and Talks

by: Derek Jones on: 7/20/2018

EE Conf 2018 EllisLab Speakers

We’re getting super excited about this year’s ExpressionEngine conference. This year we are supporting the community-owned conference by presenting two workshops and a talk!

Kevin Cupp

Kevin Cupp

Docker Workshop

Kevin is one of our Senior Software Engineers. He’s played a big role in configuring our automated testing and build environments, and is all about some Docker.

You’ve probably heard about Docker, but what is it? How does it work? Kevin is co-presenting with Nick Johnson from Reusser Design, and they’ll cover all the basics and show you how you can stop fighting your development environment and have one that just works.

Robin Sowell

Robin Sowell

Fluid Fields Workshop

Our Development Liaison and unofficial Support Queen, Robin is back for another eye-opening workshop that will supercharge your ExpressionEngine development. At last year’s conference she showed you the ins and outs of using Template Layouts effectively.

This year, Robin will pull the curtain back on Fluid Fields, one of ExpressionEngine 4’s headlining features. She’ll show you the basics, the advanced, and even some cool tricks you never thought of to give content authors the ultimate flexibility and power, without compromising the site design or the editing experience.

James Mathias

James Mathias

User Experience Talk

James is our Chief Creative Officer and is a big part of the extensive improvements in usability made in the last two major versions of ExpressionEngine. He’s generally three steps ahead of us, and is already cooking up innovations for the next major version.

In his talk, James will answer the question that a lot of designers hear: “What are you thinking?!?”. He’ll walk you through his thought process, work flow, and techniques for applying UX to the ExpressionEngine control panel. James will also touch on what UX is to him, what it means for ExpressionEngine, and how he applies his methodology to the product, its marketing and more.

And great topics from the ExpressionEngine community and beyond!

Curing Imposter Syndrome, managing projects, template strategy, A/B testing, building your agency, selling your favorite CMS ExpressionEngine in competitive situations, and much more! A diverse panel of speakers and business/dev tracks mean something interesting for you every hour of all three days.

Get your tickets now and don’t miss out, we’ll see you there!

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