Channels Now Know Their Limits

by: Seth Barber on: 8/5/2016

Channel Limit Reached

Single Entry Channels are a good idea but why stop there? Introducing a powerful new Channel setting: “Maximum number of entries”. Limit content creation for a Channel to 1, 5, 20, or ∞ entries. Any positive number, really, it’s flexible.

Now, when you want to have an “About Us” page editable by the client, simply create an “About Us” channel, limit it to one entry, and create that entry. You’ll never wonder what content will show up for your About Us page, because there is only one Channel entry.

Maybe you have a homepage that details how your product best fits three different types of people. Create a new channel. Limit it to three entries. Create an entry for each type of person. Now all that’s left is to insert your Channel entries tag in your design and you’re all set! Your content creators can modify those entries as needed and you won’t worry that they’ll accidentally create another entry instead of editing one of the three that are needed. No muss, no fuss.

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