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Can't add html to a template

November 04, 2014 6:23pm

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    Sorry..  I just realized I put this in the wrong forum… I have reposted it in the correct EE2 forum… Sorry for the mistake.  ~ Russ

    I am working with my second EE2 (Core) installation…  the first one went great… everything worked as it was supposed to…  but on my second one I ran into an issue right off…

    I created a classic *site template. When I went to add my HTML code to it I got an “ERROR: Page not Found” message when I hit the Update button…

    out of curiosity, I just typed my name ... nothing else, hit Update and it saved the name.  Then I tried an wrapping that in Paragraph tags… and it worked fine….

    Tried to paste a block of HTML of about 10 lines long and hit Update ...  I got the error again.

    Any insight into what I have done wrong or what config I may be missing?  It seems very strange.

    Thanks in advance.


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