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EE 1.7.3 adding unwanted paragraphs and links

August 15, 2014 11:47am

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    Client is entering content into custom fields. When EE outputs to the page, it is adding unwanted anchor tags.

    Looking at three different output pages, I can’t find any consistent clues about what is causing this. Examples:

    On the VA page ( ), the first listing has the unwanted links while the rest appear fine.

    On the WV page ( ), the problem is happening with both listings there. Note, however, that both of these listings also appeared on the VA page (those providers serve both states) and they were fine on those pages.

    On the NC page ( ), the problem occurs for the first three listings, but then the rest are fine.

    I also notice inconsistencies in whether or not the problem affects the “Serving” part of the listing. Looking at the NC page above, there are unwanted links for Serving on the first two, but not the third one (even though the other info for the third one DOES have the unwanted links).

    This is maddening! I need a clue as to why this is happening if anyone can help. I can provide more info if needed, just ask!

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