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Need EE 1.7.3 or later to update old site

May 22, 2014 2:27am

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    I have an old site that is running 1.7.0 and I need to update it on the current server so that I can move it to a different server running PHP 5.3+

    I have older copies of EE and I own many licenses for EE 2+, but I can’t get a hold of the last version of EE 1 and I have no way of contacting Ellislab to ask for it.

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    Having the same problem here. Any advice or help from EllisLab?

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    I’m in a similar situation. I have a number of older installations, 1.6.8s and a few 1.7.1s but I need the original install files so that I can make the upgrades locally i.e. create a fresh install identical to my clients version and then import the existing data to start the upgrade process.

    Can we get access to these versions for this purpose? I realise EllisLab are not going to make these publically available for security reasons but if it’s on a case by case basis for upgrading there must be a way to get these versions.

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