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LDAP / Active Directory Support - Options???

March 27, 2014 1:13pm

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    I am wondering if, with EE2, there has been any advances/progress with getting an easy solution to authenticating with an existing AD / LDAP network.

    I have found the different extensions that are out there, unfortunately it seems that most are over 3 years old and might have issues with the newest versions of EE2. i downloaded this one: and found a couple posts that helped modify it for different bugs/issues that arise when trying to use it. But i am still having issues with getting it integrated completely with my current AD environment. I found a post that described a way to modify it to fix issues that arise with AD, but again, that post was over 2 years old and vague in nature. I have contacted the poster and he is trying to see if he can remember how he fixed it.

    What i am wondering is, is there any other options that are out there, which are fairly simple to integrate to allow authentication against either LDAP / AD or even a RADIUS server?

    We are looking at EE2 as our new CMS, but one of managements bullet points it to get AD integration to allow greater control of who logs into the server and what access they will have.

  • #2 / Mar 27, 2014 6:07pm

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    I’d ask on Stack Exchange rather than here, but don’t expect you will like the answers you will get.

  • #3 / Apr 23, 2014 11:20am

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    The LDAP-Authentication-for-ExpressionEngine plugin is practically abandon-ware now as the guys who built it were taken over by another company and so no longer support it.So its not going to work with the latest versions of EE.
    This seems to be a real feature blind-spot for Ellislabs , Ldap support is something that would be very useful to lots of admins( including myself) and I’m sure they are losing customers who have a strong security focus and want to manage their users via Ldap.
    But there seems to be no indication that it is a feature that they are going to roll out.

  • #4 / Apr 26, 2014 12:09pm

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    Kurt Deutscher

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    We’ve been trying to interest the EE dev team in this for about six years, and it’s not anything they’re willing to take on. I read one post where a major university was putting off updating EE as they feared that the LDAP extension would break.

    Still seems to me like this would be a great tool for EE to have built into it and would open the door to sales for a lot of school systems and medium to large businesses that use AD.

  • #5 / May 08, 2014 10:38am

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    Yes I am involved with a large Institute of Technology and the lack of LDAP integration is an ongoing pain. We migrated to EE from another clunky and really expensive CMS ( one of the only things going for it was it integrated really well into LDAP) when we relaunched the institutes site 2 years ago. Luckily the IT manager here was supportive on moving to EE but needed some convincing to go forward with LDAP integration .
    An example of an issue we had recently is we setup a method to allow staff and create and edit a staff profile which linked to the staff directory. This is done through a channel form and the staff have to register on the site. which makes each of them a member.
    As part of the registration they have to create a password and if his could have been integrated in LDAP it would make things so much easier as we have around 1000 staff to manage.
    So I have to get by as it is but i know some other large academic institutions here have looked at EE and loved its flexibility but haven’t considered it as their IT depts where not happy to proceed without LDAP integration.

  • #6 / Apr 28, 2015 5:24am

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    Rye Design

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    Did anyone here have any success with LDAP/AD and EE?

    I’ve couple of projects that would be shelved if we can’t find a good solution.



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