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Social Networking/Member Modules

January 19, 2012 8:45am

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    Recently, I have been working on a site which uses both EE and a service called Ning. Ning is a social networking service similar to myspace which does everything that you expect the service to do. The issue with the service is that it is extremely limiting with no access to their database causing issues with the EE site/members. The members in this current scenario have to register twice, once for Ning and once for the main site, which is bad for user flow.

    So after much debate, we have decided to look for an alternative to Ning via EE third party modules. I have recently stumbled upon Solspace’s Friends and User modules that in combination sounds that it could work. Has anyone ever used this module or know of sites that have used it? Anyone know other social networking modules that I could use or other services better then Ning? Or just any other idea that could remedy this issue? Thanks!

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