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So I made an ee2 sugar for macrabbit's Espresso editor

August 03, 2011 9:11am

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  • #1 / Aug 03, 2011 9:11am

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    So I took Anthony Short’s great but now somewhat venerable ee sugar for the Espresso editor and updated it for ee2:

    For now it’s a fairly vanilla port of the ee1 version (with which it ought to play nicely) but I’m planning on adding more features over the next few weeks, along with support for some popular addons.

    It’s likely in a somewhat alpha state in terms of the amount of testing it’s had so far, but given that it’s built on a pretty strong foundation it should be pretty usable for most. If you find a bug please report it on github rather than here.

    One caveat is that it hasn’t yet been tested with the recent Espresso 2 alpha, so if anyone wants to give that a go that would be ace.

    Also if there are particular addons you’d like to see supported let me know.

  • #2 / Aug 03, 2011 10:13am


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    Yeah, running into the same things I had with the version I made up. Espresso2 borks at the color syntax thing. Setting language to HTML looks good but screws the EE tags, set language to EE and makes all html white and stops auto complete.

    NFI what they’ve done to the sugar system but this is a ground up re-build for Espresso 2 final (or beta)

  • #3 / Aug 03, 2011 10:36am

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    Hey cheif,

    Re: theming/colours, are you using anthony short’s quiet night theme?

    That should fix up that side of things.

    Re: autocomplete, I had a few bumps in the road getting this working too, if you also have the ee1 sugar installed try deleting that and reinstalling from the version on GitHub (assuming you didn’t customise that as well)

    Re: espresso 2, I think most things should be fine apart from those that rely on TEA’s python extensions etc, as they’ve implemented a new JS based system for that sort of thing.

    I’ll probably wait until espresso 2 goes final and then re-write/add things once there’s some actual documentation for the changes/any new syntax

    Also I’m pretty sure the new forum regs prohibit using these forums for support, so please post any other issues on Github.

  • #4 / Aug 03, 2011 12:28pm

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    John Ryan

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    We’ve added a link from our ExpressionEngine Dev Toolkit page.

    There’s a number of Mountee users on Espresso - hopefully they can give you some useful feedback.

    Nice work!

  • #5 / Aug 16, 2011 12:37pm

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    Just updated this to support the latest public beta of Espresso 2 - be sure to follow the instructions for using the correct branch of the repo as this version is not backwards compatible with Espresso 1.x

  • #6 / Sep 29, 2011 7:46pm

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    Doug E

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    Thanks for working on this. I’m using the kaboom of Espresso and the latest build of this sugar. So far so good.

  • #7 / Nov 02, 2011 1:29pm


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    Downloaded and installed this sugar, don’t seem to be able to get it working. It’s in the right folder and called ‘expressionengine2.sugar’ (after installing as instructed.

    In a html document it doesn’t seem to get triggered when typing {exp etc…

    Any thoughts?

    Using Espresso 2.0.1 (not beta) by the way.

  • #8 / Nov 10, 2011 3:14am


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    Thanks a lot for this release! its been great so far!

  • #9 / Nov 11, 2011 10:15am

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    @oliverhood - the ee forum rules don’t permit addon support to be given here - please raise an issue on github og you’re still having problems and i’ll do my best to help you out there

  • #10 / Nov 17, 2011 3:05pm

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    Michael Layne

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    Hi, Loving Mountee and Espresso and EE2 sugar!  So, I always have to set the language to EE2 - “Detect Automatically” is always checked.  I spend hours at a time opening EE template.  Anyway I can have it correctly detect?  Am I missing something?


  • #11 / Nov 18, 2011 10:42am

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    Hi Michael, please see my former post re: ee forum rules don’t permit addon support here,  but will check this out and see if I can find a fix.

  • #12 / Nov 18, 2011 4:37pm

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    Michael Layne

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    Sorry EE!!! I’l map a mental note about that.  Moved off now.  Thanks.

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