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styles missing from control panel

January 08, 2010 8:45am

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    I’ve just moved my site to another server, and I swear I’ve done this so many times without issues, but the CP is now always unstyled. The site itself runs fine. I made all necessary changes via Deeploy Helper. Themes folder was uploaded in its entirety, all permissions set as in the user guide.

    When I’m in the CP Home and view source I notice that the <styles></styles> are empty.

    Have I missed something, wrong setting in Deeploy Helper somewhere?

  • #2 / Jan 08, 2010 8:52am


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    nevermind, got it!

  • #3 / Jan 08, 2010 9:07am

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    Ingmar Greil

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    Glad to hear it. Please don’t hesitate to post again as needed.

  • #4 / May 15, 2013 2:32pm

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    Derek Jones

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    Common reasons: Control Panel is Unstyled

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