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Managing categories (within an entry) causing time-out of admin session

Version: 4.3.4 Reporter: directordash

Want to manage categories from an ‘edit entry’ page. Adding works fine, editing works fine, removing gives the:

You are attempting to remove the following items, please confirm this action.

Followed swiftly by:

Your administration access session has timed out.

Then either the log-in action will stall, or the removing of the category will stall – either way, the category can’t be removed from this view.

*Marked as a showstopper as the client isn’t best pleased! Quick fix would be helpful!

  • I am not able to reproduce on a fresh install of 4.3.4. Can you please provide the steps necessary to trigger this behavior? If it requires a specific OS and/or browser version, please include that in your report. If you have any add-ons, please disable them before testing. Thank you!

    Derek Jones
    25th September, 2018 at 11:12am

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