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UI / grammar issue: updating blacklist has a feedback issue.

Version: 4.3.4 Reporter: Bill the Grue

When updating the blacklist (CP -> Developer -> add ons -> Black/White List) there is a message that states:

Lists updated The blacklist has been updated by being downloaded from ExpressionEngine.

I wish there was a little more feedback for me. Specifically, I wish:

  1. the most recent version of the EE blacklist is version 123.123 (DATE). You are using version 123.123 (DATE).
  2. I think there is a minor grammar issue with the success message. Perhaps just “The blacklist has been updated”. 3 I am sure this is in the user guide, but updating a blacklist doesn’t overwrite the custom IP addresses I have added to the blacklist (right?). Maybe as part of the success message we could say “The blacklist has been updated. Previously blacklisted IP’s are still blacklisted.”.

Finally, the blacklist update process was suspiciously fast. Does it really update?

Thank you for everything you do.



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