Bug #23413 Bug Fixed

Can’t set outgoing email to unencrypted

Version: 4.0.5 Reporter: James Catt

Sorry for the recent deluge of reports, but I think I’ve found another issue. 😊

In the “Outgoing Email” menu of the CP, selecting Unencrypted actually sets it to SSL (i.e., if it’s set to either SSL or STARTTLS and you select Unencrypted, after saving changes it will be set to SSL). Selecting SSL or STARTTLS works as expected.

My site was set to Unencrypted before upgrading from EE3.5.14, but post upgrade it had been automatically changed to SSL.

I don’t have any override for ‘email_smtp_crypto’ set in my config.php. The docs don’t mention any override option for unencrypted, but setting it to ‘ssl’ or ‘tls’ works as expected.

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