Bug #23020 Bug Fixed

Default CP homepage ignored

Version: 3.5.3 Reporter: Simon Job

This is an archived bug report. If you are experiencing a similar issue, upgrade to the latest release and if that does not solve the problem, submit a new bug report

Going to http://example.com/admin.php, my system homepage, takes me to the CP Overview despite having set Default CP homepage under CP Settings (for my user) to “All entries edit listing — applies to all sites”. User is a Super Admin, so setting made for the profile not the group (not available to be made for the group).

If logging in, it will correctly take me to the edit listing page. If I press the home page button, again it takes me to the edit listing page.

Shouldn’t admin.php recognise the Default CP homepage setting and redirect to the correct page?

  • The purpose isn’t to replace the link of the primary nav’s home link to the custom location; it’s as you describe, the default location after logging in. You can add it as a custom “home” link if you like using the Menu Manager, but the control panel homepage needs to remain navigable (and the main nav of the app remaining consistent), as it is used to display certain important information to super admins from time to time.

    Derek Jones
    17th March, 2017 at 2:35pm
  • Which means to bookmark the CP home page (as defined by the “default CP homepage” setting) users would have to bookmark different links.

    Given the app makes the home button refer to the edit listing page and adds a CP overview button, this still seems like an unexpected or inconsistent behaviour to me. admin.php should give me the same page as whatever clicking the home button gives.

    Fundamentally, I don’t get the purpose of the CP Overview page. Create New channels on a CP Overview? How many times a day are users doing that on a site? Too much explanation of what channels and members are. 10 items of news dating back to last year.

    Simon Job
    17th March, 2017 at 6:43pm
  • Oh ok, I misunderstood. Yes, if you manually access admin.php without any URL, ideally it would take you to your defined homepage.

    As for the overview page, important news is there—including info on releases. The oldest one in the feed is 3 months ago, so yes while “last year”, it’s not exactly old news. It also links you to unreviewed comments and any spam that’s in moderation queue. We have plans for letting you customize some of those areas to add or remove things that aren’t useful to you, but the defaults do certainly have value to many content creators and site admins.

    Derek Jones
    17th March, 2017 at 8:58pm

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