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Your tools are the only thing holding you back. ExpressionEngine 4 delivers your message with the most flexible, secure content management system on the planet, without requiring complex programming skills.

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Live Preview.

See your changes in real-time prior to publishing.

Fully responsive, mobile and desktop friendly.

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ExpressionEngine Live Preview. Now.

Update. Now.

ExpressionEngine 4 is up to date in seconds, not hours.

The new one click update is so smooth and fast you’ll look forward to upgrades, instead of finding justifications to stay on old software.

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Simple One-click Updates

Fluid content.

Give your clients unparalleled control over their content with Fluid fields.

Fluid fields allow editors to create, organize and layout their content in real time, while allowing the site builder to retain full control of the output. Goodbye, WYSIWYGs!

ExpressionEngine 4 brings flexibility and control like never before.

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Fluid Fields, create rich content without compromising presentation

Fields unleashed.

Assign fields and field groups to multiple Channels!

Reusable fields increase the flexibility and scalability of ExpressionEngine ten-fold.

ExpressionEngine 4 gives you more space to store your content.

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Custom Fields are now reusable and even more scalable

Privacy and Consent.

The most robust tools to build GDPR-compliant web sites.

Gain, track, and act on a visitor's consent for data processing, while letting them easily manage their own consents.

Built-in and dead simple cookie consent management.

Member records can be anonymized without losing critical business data while complying with a request to be forgotten.

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GDPR and Privacy compliance, simplified

You guys really upped your game by an order of magnitude with ExpressionEngine 4.

Matthew Lewis - 2018

Bulk Editing.

Two new ways to make multiple edits at once.

Sequential editor edits many entries without juggling multiple tabs or windows.

Make mass changes on the fly to entry metadata, including category assignment.

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Mass edit entries simply

Channel Manager Unified.

ExpressionEngine 4 brings a unified and streamlined Channel Manager to your day to day wokflow. Everything you need in one place, Channel after Channel.

One Form. Every Field, Status, Category and Setting in one place.

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Streamline site building with a brand new Channel manager

Use your Emojination. πŸŽ‰

Emojis are the thing.

You use them. Your kids use them. Friends, family, huge corportations and your clients love them.

ExpressionEngine 4 brings all the emojis to the yard.

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Layouts, appended.

It’s launch day, the client needs breadcrumbs added to the entire site. Layout Lists to the rescue. Launch on schedule and still have time to meet your pals for game night!

Variables, Modified.

ExpressionEngine 4 brings a metric ton of helpful variable modifiers to your workflow. Limit words, add a currency notation, encrypt, decrypt, hide spoilers, encode, decode, and so much more!

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