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Live Preview won’t show existing relationships when there are no available children returned by the relationship field’s filter

Version: 4.3.6 Reporter: Derek Hogue

This is a pretty specific/edge case, granted, but an issue nonetheless.

I have a relationship field which has a filter on it (in my case, based on status being set to “Ready”).

In my setup, once a parent entry has all of its relationships set and the entry is published, those child entries have their status set to “Open” so they no longer appear in the left-hand pane of the relationship field in question.

In EE3, the field will still show the chosen relationships in the right-hand pane, even if there are no available children (matching the “Ready” status) in the left-hand pane: https://dsh.re/3f11b

But in EE4, the absence of any available children makes the entire field blanked with the “There are currently no entries for this Tag.” message: https://dsh.re/a4470

The relationships are still saved and displayed on the front-end, so that’s fine - but the issue is that Live Preview won’t get those relationships passed to it, so invoking it on one of these “completed” entries won’t properly preview the entry - it’s as if the field has no children selected.

  • Addendum to this bug: the “Add Entry” button will also not appear when there are no available children. That’s the time when we need it most! 😊

    Derek Hogue
    16th November, 2018 at 11:18am

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