Bug #23740 New

So many error buttons

Version: 4.3.3 Reporter: Tim Murtaugh

When a publish form is in the error state, there are literally 6 red buttons yelling at you about an error.

I have two thoughts about this:

  1. I disagree that onblur is the correct time to activate validation. I may be tabbing through fields without filling them out yet, or I may have clicked on the wrong field before focusing on the right one. IMHO, the better time to validate is on submit, or when you change tabs in the publishing layout.

But, I recognize that’s up for debate.

  1. At the very least, it would be awesome to add this rule to the CP CSS:

/* only show one disabled button per group */ .form-btns .btn.disable:not(:first-of-type) {display: none;}

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