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“File not found” error when uploading file in Channel Form for other MSM site

Version: 4.3.4 Reporter: Low

In Site A, there’s a Channel Form for entries in Site B, which contains a File field. When a user submits the Channel Form including a new file, a rather cryptic error message “File Not Found” appears and the new entry is not saved.

I’ve managed to track this down to /system/ee/legacy/Filemanager.php, around line 1917 (in EE 4.3.4), which reads

$thumb_info = $this->get_thumb($file['file_name'], $dir['id']);

I’ve changed that to

$thumb_info = $this->get_thumb($file['file_name'], $dir['id'], true);

which appears to fix the issue. Would appreciate a fix so I don’t need to apply this after each update. 😊

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