Bug #23661 Bug Fixed

Can’t select to change author if more than 50 authors in the list

Version: 4.3.2 Reporter: stevensolarz

Regardless of admin status or member status, if there are more than 50 authors in a channel entry author list, I can only pick one of the first 50 authors. I have 500+ authors, and regardless of admin status (I’m Super Admin), I cannot change the author beyond one of the first 50.

Error message: “You are not authorized to perform this action” when trying to save.

To put in context, the first 50 list shows authors with names A through C. I am name S (400th something author) and Super Admin. I can’t even change post to myself as Super Admin to a Super Admin as I get the error.

  • Got the same problem. It appears on CP and with channel forms. I got a limit of 100, and number 101 and above can’t be used. I get the same error message.

    Frans Cooijmans
    10th July, 2018 at 5:12am

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