Bug #23623 Bug Fixed

RTE incorrect row height when field in custom tab

Version: 4.2.3 Reporter: travisb

If an RTE field is in a user created tab (not the default “Publish” tab) the wysihat-editor div is assigned a height of 0, even though the text area has the correct col and row attributes. ie:

<div class="WysiHat-editor" role="application" contenteditable="true" dir="ltr"  0px;"></div>
<textarea name="field_id_8" cols="90" rows="15" id="field_id_8" dir="ltr" class="has-rte WysiHat-field"  none;"></textarea>
  • Hidden wysihat fields (in a tab for instance) have a negative height; to recalculate their height we have to take a reasonable guess on the height per-row of a standard textarea. It’s imperfect, but works pretty accurately in most browsers, and in all browsers is better than the behavior reported here, where your RTE is essentially collapsed, so this will be implemented in the next release.

    Derek Jones
    01st June, 2018 at 11:36pm

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