Bug #23561 Bug Fixed

Error in “Renaming admin.php”

Version: User Guide Reporter: vgc

I was trying to rename my admin.php in the EE v I purchased today and I can not find a $config[‘cp_url’] entry in my system/user/config/config.php.

Open system/user/config/config.php (or whatever you have renamed the system folder to) and update the URL to the admin.php file $config[‘cp_url’] = “https://example.com/razzle.php”;

Steve VanHove - design@vanhove.com

  • Hey Steve, you can set this directly in the UI under Settings > General > URL and Path Settings. Once upon a time this was only set in the config file. Currently it’s there optionally as an override, but is not there by default. I’ll update the docs, thanks for the report!

    Derek Jones
    09th April, 2018 at 5:41pm

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