Bug #23524 Clarification Requested

Can’t set imported template group as “default group”.

Version: 4.1.2 Reporter: Kurt Deutscher

We imported the template group we want to use as the default group. EE won’t let us set it as default because of a field validation error stating that “The template group name you submitted is already taken”. Please adjust the field validation so that if the default group toggle is changed to default, the name field doesn’t have to be changed, or some other solution. Thanks.

  • Hi Kurt- so you put in a folder with the new templates and the group name for the folder matched a template group that already existed in the database?

    In other words- if you went to the control panel template manager, there was a template group named ‘something’ and the folder you uploaded was named something.group? And when you go try and edit the group in the cp, you get a validation error because of the name?

    Want to be sure I’m setting up my test correctly.

    Robin Sowell
    19th March, 2018 at 4:11pm
  • We use FTP to drag-in a new template group called “home.group” and then we go into the CP (after EE has found it and added it to the CP) and we try to set it as the default group. EE behaves as if we are trying to create a new (another) group by the same name.

    So I had to rename “home.group” to “home1.group” so EE would let me save it as the default group, then edit the group again to change the name back to “home.group”.

    It’s as if EE is assuming that any group set to “default group” must be a new group. Like you can’t set an existing group to become the default, even if a default group doesn’t yet exist.

    It’s almost like an extension of the odd workflow assumption that EE started having a few years back that until a default temple group has been created, you are going to want every new group you create to be the default group. So we have to keep changing that setting until we’ve actually created a default template group.

    I get that one possible workflow might involve always creating the default template group first, but that’s our workflow. Since we have specific code we want in the /index directory of our default group, we prefer to upload it with our own starter kit of templates, then create channel-name template groups, then, later set our home.group to default.

    Anyway, that’s a little more detail about our experience setting up new sites in EE. That help you with what you need?

    • Kurt
    Kurt Deutscher
    19th March, 2018 at 4:27pm
  • I meant to write “I get that one possible workflow might involve always creating the default template group first, but that’s NOT our workflow.”….

    Kurt Deutscher
    19th March, 2018 at 5:01pm
  • Odd- Seth and I both tried our best to trigger the error and we can’t.

    I just created a new folder ‘testage.group’ in my existing site. I already had a ton of template groups and one of them was set to default.

    I go to the CP, my new group is there. I click to edit it, set to default, that’s the only change I make- I save. It saves no problem.

    Seth did pretty much the same thing, also without triggering it. Can you spot what we’re doing different? Do you have any template related variables in config.php overriding anything? If you just create a new template group in the cp and set it to default, does it save?

    Robin Sowell
    26th March, 2018 at 6:14pm

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