Bug #23288 Bug Fixed

Member Import Utility / Confirm Import displays string format code instead of a number when reporting a Username length error

Version: 3.5.12 Reporter: riko

Minimum username length is currently set to 4 in Security & Privacy menu.

Click on Developer -> Utilities

Click on Member Import

Member Group set to Members

XML file location set to: system/test.xml

Click Import Members

Click Confirm Import

Error message displays:

An error occurred

Your username must be at least %d characters long (Username: 'abc' - within user record 'abc')

The expected result should display a number in place of the



Contents of test.xml:

This is the same as the User Guide example except the username has been shortened to 3 characters.

                <screen_name>Brett Bretterson</screen_name>
  • Thanks for the heads up! We’ll get a fix into the next v4 and I’ve added a patch for v3 in the solution tab.

    Robin Sowell
    03rd January, 2018 at 3:27pm
  • It’s hard to read the solution. The patch seems to be mangled by this forum software.

    09th January, 2018 at 3:47pm

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  • In v3 it’s in system/ee/legacy/libraries/Validate.php around line 131:

    <pre><code> $this->errors[] = str_replace(‘%x’, $len, ee()->lang->line(‘username_too_short’)); replace with $this->errors[] = sprintf(lang(‘username_too_short’), $len);

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