Bug #23287 Bug Fixed

Members / CP Settings Publish form dropdown displays incorrectly/HTML markup

Version: 4.0.4 Reporter: riko

Click on Members button

Click on Username

Click on CP Settings under Administration

Publish form dropdown displays:

No <b>Channels</b> found.

The expected result should not display the HTML markup.

Rob1 note: in v4, even though the member doesn’t have permission to post/edit to any channels, they’re all showing up in the dropdown. So that needs to change and a proper error/no access message show instead.

  • In v4 it’s showing channels that it shouldn’t, so the bug is slightly different, but still a bug.

    We’ll get it showing only the proper channels or a proper error in v4 and post back here once it’s all good. I’m going to tweak the description just a bit for clarity in v4.

    Thanks for the bug report.

    Robin Sowell
    28th December, 2017 at 6:16pm
  • All of the issues mentioned here should either be fixed already or will be fixed in the next release.

    Robin Sowell
    26th February, 2018 at 5:37pm

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