Bug #23284 Bug Fixed

Deleting a field that was set as the Excerpt field isn’t resetting the channel setting

Version: 4.0.4 Reporter: Louis D.

Hi there,

We’re using Super Search on a EE 3.5.10 site. When doing a search, we were having a PHP error message which was related to the field_id_61. That field doesn’t exist anymore.

That field 61 was set a the excerpt field for a channel. The field was then deleted, but it seems that the excerpt field for that channel wasn’t reset. So Super Search was still looking for it.

I fixed that easily by setting another field as the excerpt field in the channel settings. But I feel like the excerpt field should be set to null if the field is deleted.

  • I tested on v4 and while I can’t cause any errors with just native code, it is leaving the deleted field in the search settings in exp_channels. The model should clear that out.

    Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look at adding it in!

    Robin Sowell
    03rd January, 2018 at 3:07pm

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