Bug #23280 Bug Fixed

Notice Undefined Index on Member Fields

Version: 4.3.1 Reporter: Flying Fish

[mod note- reported in v3 but moved to v4 for confirmation and fix.]

I am upgrading an EE2 site to EE3. In there process I am seeing PHP errors for an undefined index regrading custom member fields.

There errors only apply to custom member fields created in EE2.

Any new member fields created after the EE3 upgrade have 2 columns in the database instead of one.

m_field_id_1 m_field_ft_1

Should the EE 3 upgrade add columns to existing EE 2 member fields?

This stack exchange post explains further. https://expressionengine.stackexchange.com/questions/39367/undefined-index-in-custom-field

  • You’re right- each field_id_x field in v3 exp_member_data should have a corresponding field_ft_x field (tinytext, allow null).

    I can confirm, it’s not being created, though I also can’t actually trigger an error from it not existing.

    For now, the best solution is to manually add the fields- backup the database and then you can add them via phpmyadmin or similar or if you let me know what fields already exist I can write up some queries to do it for you.

    Since version 3 is only getting security fixes, I’m not certain if/when a new update file will be added, but I’ll make certain this is squared away in v4.

    Robin Sowell
    07th June, 2018 at 4:00pm

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