Bug #23278 New

When changing localization settings from forum cp, undefined index error is thrown.

Version: 3.5.12 Reporter: Bill the Grue

Hello all!

When changing localization settings on forum undefined index error is thrown. All other changes seem to work as expected.

To reproduce:

  1. spin up a clean 3.5.12 instance with forum addon.
  2. as a logged in member, from the following URI: MYSITE.FOO/forums/member/edit_localization
  3. try to make any changes and save.

The error is below:


Undefined index: site_default

ee/EllisLab/Addons/member/mod.member_settings.php, line 1643 hide details

Severity: E_NOTICE

the code block at line 1643:

            foreach (array('timezone', 'date_format', 'time_format', 'include_seconts') as $key)
                    if ($_POST['site_default'] == 'y')
                            $data[$key] = NULL;
                            $data[$key] = ee()->input->post($key);
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