Bug #23243 Clarification Requested

exp:search:search_results auto_path does not respect “Website index page” setting

Version: Reporter: obfuscode

/system/user/config/config.php $config[‘index_page’] = ”;

When using the standard {exp:search:search_results} tag with no special params, the {auto_path} URL adds “index.php” even when the “Website index page” ($config[‘index_page’]) value is set to empty (i.e. domain.com/index.php/url_title).

Editing the channel settings and setting the “Search Results” URL value to “/” results in a double slash appearing which breaks the URL (i.e. //url-title).

Setting the channel “Search Results” URL value to “{base_url}” works correctly (i.e. domain.com/url_title).

  • I’m not able to replicate. I’m wondering if you have an override set that I don’t.

    All of my settings are in the database. There are no path settings in the config.php. I have a test ‘About’ channel and in the channel settings, all the ‘URL and Path Settings’ are blank.

    In Settings- URL and Path Settings, the index field is blank, everything else is using {base_path} or {base_url}.

    On my search page, {auto_path} outputs /weird-rel-test for my entry with that as the url title.

    Robin Sowell
    17th October, 2017 at 3:42pm

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