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Images attached aren’t showing correct Thumbnail

Version: 3.5.11 Reporter: paytonburd

This is an archived bug report. If you are experiencing a similar issue, upgrade to the latest release and if that does not solve the problem, submit a new bug report

Images attached in grid field aren’t showing correct thumbnail. If I go to list view it shows correct filename and is pulling it in correctly, but the thumbnail is the wrong image.

This is bad for our users. I thought 3.5.11 would fix this based on the change log, but in my case it did not.

  • How can we replicate the issue you are having? What field type are you using for your images?

    Derek Jones
    27th September, 2017 at 11:35am
  • Assets field for images. But the assets field type is working properly in other instances. Just with the grid on this channel for some reason

    27th September, 2017 at 12:03pm
  • Gotcha. I’d first make sure you are running the latest version of Assets available from that developer. If that doesn’t address the issue, you will need to contact EEHarbor for support, as ExpressionEngine does not manage that add-on’s content.

    Derek Jones
    27th September, 2017 at 12:06pm
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