Bug #23133 Bug Fixed

Image resizing does not allow you to constrain proportions

Version: 3.5.7 Reporter: ebcms

This is an archived bug report. If you are experiencing a similar issue, upgrade to the latest release and if that does not solve the problem, submit a new bug report

I cannot believe it is not possible to resize images proportionally in EE 3.5.7 There is no way to force maintaining the aspect ratio by selecting the max dimension for either width or height, leaving the other blank, and the “0” workaround no longer works.

“This field must contain a number greater than zero.”

Also, you are not given an option to save the resized image with a new name. It simply overwrites your original.

This is a major issue. I hate to say it, but WP makes this very easy for users in the backoffice.

Related issue – the resized image folders are not easily accessed using any of the editor toolbars – native or third-party.

  • This isn’t really the place for feature requests, but we might be able to easily allow resizing by a max dimension, so will mark this as Accepted.

    Related issue – the resized image folders are not easily accessed using any of the editor toolbars – native or third-party.

    Can you elaborate more on this? I’m not sure what you mean by the resized image folders. As you said, the original image gets overwritten, so they should be in the main upload folder.

    Kevin Cupp
    02nd June, 2017 at 12:57pm
  • Kevin, I know this is basically a feature, but the reason why it feels like a bug is because why would anyone resize an image without keeping the aspect ratio? Our Editors are not good at math, they don’t know how to calculate aspect ratios, not even googling an aspect ratio calculator. Without maintaining the ratio you essentially stretch the image - a rather strange ‘feature’ 😊. Thanks for accepting it!

    02nd June, 2017 at 5:46pm
  • Kevin,

    Sorry I was unclear. Let me try again.

    There are really 3 related issues here.

    1. The “resize” feature of the image editor does not maintain the aspect ratio of the image and does not provide the user anyway to set a max dimension (either width or height) and have the image scale proportionally to that max dimension.

    2. This max dimension scaling (and cropping) is already part of the image upload/automatic size creation process that is part of EE. https://docs.expressionengine.com/latest/cp/files/uploads/form.html). But you can’t access the scaling piece when manually resizing an image after it’s been uploaded, for example. Or give the new scaled image a new name so you don’t overwrite your original.

    3. The automatically scaled/cropped images are placed into named folders. But those folders are not browsable by the site admin when creating content and inserting an image into a content block (e.g. description) using any of the available wysiwig editors that I’ve seen. The reference to WP is simply that when you select an image from the media library to insert into a block of content, you are provided choices about what size image (_thumb, _small, _med, _full-width) to insert which pulls from the associated resized image directory and also if you’d like to wrap that image in a link to the original full-size image, etc. So essentially, the user is faced with either hand-coding the link to the specific sized folder they need, or, using the full-sized image in the post.

    Thanks for and for adding the max dimension on resize, at least, to the bug list. That’s definitely the priority issue here. The others are rightly considered features.

    17th June, 2017 at 12:30pm
  • Thanks, ebcms. Yes I was clear on #1 and #2, I think we should be able to make that happen, going to take another look at it again this week.

    And yes I see what you mean by #3 now, thanks for the clarification. I think since EE emphasizes separating content from presentation, those image manipulations were largely supposed to be referenced in templates, like {image:small}, and thus not tightly coupled to content, but I can pass along this feedback and see what the team thinks.

    Kevin Cupp
    19th June, 2017 at 1:13pm
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