Bug #23065 New

Datepicker errors for European format in grid field

Version: 3.5.6 Reporter: Peter Stalker

When entering a date into a Grid field using the datepicker, for the first one or two entries this works fine. The date appears in the desired (and logical) European default format, dd/mm/yyyy.

But for subsequent entries, typically the third or fourth, the datepicker only offers a blank month. The workaround is to drag the slider under the blank month fully to the right then fully back to the left. This makes the month’s dates reappear. This will work for one or two entries, then the datepicker goes blank again.

A second issue occurs with manual entries. Faced with a blank datepicker, clients have typed the date into the grid field. Such an entry looks OK, in the dd/mm/yyyy format, but deceptively what has actually been accepted into the database is in the mm/dd/yyyy format. This is evident if you subsequently click into the manually entered date while the datepicker is visible. It displays the wrong date, having interpreted it in the US format.

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