Bug #22875 Bug Fixed

Channel Forms 3.4.7, URL title separator and unique_url_title=“yes”

Version: 3.4.7 Reporter: gaweb

Just upgraded to 3.4.7, from 3.4.6, from fresh 3.4.4. Starting to wish I stayed on 2.X

Had URL title separator problem with 3.4.4 did upg to 3.4.6 and it fixed it


upg to 3.4.7 Now while in CF it does not hold system setting and give “-” instead of”_” from settings, in CP all works ok.

Mention in 3.4.7 of fixing duplicate URL, would have thought it would have given an error for user to fix, instead it adds a huge random string to url title. Like “the-Title58713ad34ee1f8.71310139” with no user knowledge while in CF. In CP it gives error before save. Would have been nice if it just added a number like previous EE versions. “the_title1, the_title2, the_title3)

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