Bug #22415 Clarification Requested

Spellchecker Error

Version: 2.11.1 Reporter: bandari

This is an archived bug report. If you are experiencing a similar issue, upgrade to the latest release and if that does not solve the problem, submit a new bug report


I’m getting several errors from NewRelic concerning a method in the Spellchecker.php library.. Any coincidence with any other users before? The errors keep popping in my log file when a user have access to the Control Panel.

Here is the error message and the error trace.

Error message
Error: Uncaught exception ‘Error’ with message ‘Using $this when not in object context’ in /storage/av03882/www/public_html/cm/expressionengine/libraries/Spellcheck.php:1137

Sample stack trace
content_publish.php (850)
…at /storage/av03882/www/public_html/cm/codeigniter/system/core/
CodeIgniter.php (329)
in require_once called at /storage/av03882/www/public_html/cm/index.php (194)

  • Looks like that may be an a PHP 7 incompatibility, these bits should have been removed from that file:

    // Make a local reference to the ExpressionEngine super object
    $this->EE = get_instance();

    Can you remove those (three instances) and see if that resolves the issue for you?

    Derek Jones
    27th September, 2016 at 7:14pm
  • This bug still exists:

    [26-Mar-2017 20:10:11 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Using $this when not in object context in /var/www/******/system/expressionengine/libraries/Spellcheck.php:1137 Stack trace:

    0 /var/www/******/system/expressionengine/controllers/cp/content_publish.php(850): EE_Spellcheck::iframe()

    1 /var/www/******/system/codeigniter/system/core/CodeIgniter.php(329): Content_publish->spellcheck_actions()

    2 /var/www/******/public_html/admin.php(189): require_once(‘/var/www/mahec….’)

    28th March, 2017 at 10:32am
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